(A) push the passion


Salesman without a successful mentality, even with good marketing skills can not be successful. A salesman is like a match, the customer is like a candle. If you do not first light yourself, how can you illuminate others? How could a person who is not passionate, how can he become infected with a stranger? If you do not have the passion for success, "Deal with the sales job! Because you are doomed to" unbearable "and waist.


Passionate salespeople must be "three insisted":


1. Insist on 100 days. Goldman, the world's sales guru, said: "The sale is from the point of rejection." Never mind you frustrated. In any case also do everything possible to finish after 100 days to say "do it"?


2. Adhere to the "4 non-refundable" principle. According to one source, during the 30-minute negotiation process, the Japanese would say "no" twice; Americans would say "no" five times; South Koreans would say "no" seven times; and Brazilians would say 42 times "no".


Therefore, the salesman should not hear the customer said "no" to give up the attack. At least have to hear 4 "no" time, do a little concession.


3. Adhere to the l / 3 principle.


The salesman has only two souls: "Diligence!" The sales community generally believes that one salesperson may close a deal with 30 customers per salesperson. It is no wonder Japan, the original sales of the god of peace said: "There is no secret to marketing, only to walk more than others, running more than others Xia."


Can be seen, there is no passion salesman even worse. So, how to make yourself full of fighting passion?


Write out your strengths and read it daily; you should have a mental statement at least once a day. You have to shout: "I will be successful 2" If you have a motto, may also wish to read aloud several times.

A weekly inspirational book is necessary. I remember Roosevelt's biography said he must tell himself every morning: "Today is the most brilliant day in life!"

(B) push the feelings


Joe Kingdorfer, the king of sales in the United States, said: "98% of sales jobs are emotional jobs and 2% are products." So it seems that there is nothing more important than "pulling" in actual sales. Salesman and customer to meet "10 minutes does not talk about business." What about talking about it? This is the first step in the actual marketing process.


General Motors Corp. of America once used to do emotional work (such as sending a small gift) as "warm up." It means "hot and hot." If a salesman can not "warm" with the customer, shorten the psychological distance and succeed The door will certainly stay away. "Feelings wonderful, business Qiao; feelings cool, business yellow. "


To do this: There are three ways to do this:


British style: talk homely. The company is located in:

American style: always praise.

Chinese style: eat lunch

There are two common pitfalls to selling a novice: First, they do not "push their emotions" at first, but they just ask for it, "do not buy it," or "do you want it." Second, they later learned this step, but always "jump the cliff." That is, "hot" when the problem can not go up. So "Hahaha, hey, Manager Wang, let's talk about business now?" - It's almost "suicide."


The customer will immediately be alerted: "Oh, let me buy!" In fact, from "talk about feelings" to "talk about business", there should be a clever transition in the middle. This transition is "to do the bridge." "Do the bridge," not to "jump cliff" fell to death.


There is a Tang poem written well, we lead the romance: "Good rain know the season" - you have to seize the marketing opportunities; "When the spring is happening" - in the warmth of the time there is a business; "sneaked into the night with the wind" - Push the boat, with emotional sales guide; "moisten things silently" - unknowingly the sales completed. This is a vivid portrayal of a first-rate salesman in the sales process. So, good salesman can show real power in the aspect of "doing the bridge". To "do the bridge," you have to design a few paragraphs of "lines", or see the King's love; or compose a funny story to inherit.


For example, you are a fertilizer salesman. You can say: "Just now I noticed, you said a few days ago we had a scene here. Spring rain expensive oil! Good rain, good fertilizer, is a bumper harvest. The spring sow, let's fertilizer here Good market, right? "In this way, the natural coherence, clever" to do the bridge, "please customers from the" bridge "come, sales a matter of course.


(C) Push the product


After "doing the bridge", the promotion went to the third step, that is, the product promotion stage.


A salesman should always remember that the customer to buy your product is to buy the product to bring his benefits and benefits. Instead of buying prices, buying novelties, buying the product itself. And these, it is precisely the most vulnerable to selling newbies problems. To sell a product, you must sell the benefits that result from the product's functionality. In addition to the benefits of marketing, in the actual marketing, "demo + hint" is another big magic sales promotion. "Demo" people see it.


Amway Corporation, the United States to promote cleanser, Xu Shoe oil Xu hand or handkerchief, and then "a wash." This is just as "dumb soldier" as easy as convincing. In the demonstration process, the salesman must imply, in order to guide the customer to follow your train of thought.


Psychology shows that a person is in touch with a new one. Things, the brain is prone to radioactive thinking. The implication, will make people thinking orientation.


For example, customers taste a new drink. If you are foolish to ask: "What about the taste?" Customers immediately thinking "disorder." Or better or worse, or too sour, or too sweet and so on. Once the first concept is generated, it is hard to erase it, and the negotiation is greatly detrimental. You should really imply: "This drink is sour and sour, with a hint of scent." After drinking, ask him "right?" It turns out that if you say "sour and sweet," he nods " Not bad. "If you say" sweet and sour first, "he nodded" exactly. " Language stimuli are always "forefathers". Clever salesmen always use language to promote the good side.


(D) push the price


Price is always a sensitive commodity. Sophisticated salespeople should offer clever quotes to clients in terms of "inexpensive" languages.


There used to be a vegetable farmer and really gave me a lesson at this point. Once I bought coriander and asked: "How to sell?" A: "The old price, eight cents a couple." I bought five two. After returning home wake up, this parsley turned 8 yuan a pound ah, more expensive than meat! Fooled, fooled! But then, in my dim consciousness, the "old price" is equivalent to "cheap." Think carefully, the two have no connection. Curiously, when I dealt with the vegetable farmers, I did not even feel that I finally learned to "push" the price.


If the customer appears "high price refused to buy" psychology, I will from the "one point price of goods," Department of doubt. Demonstrate the effectiveness of the product, you can be corroborated. However, I think "decimal quotes" - this is the real tip of the "four push prices." Decimal quotes, is quoted by the smallest unit. You do not say: "This product l pieces of 10, a total of 2,000 yuan." To say: "This good product 1 only 200." This is just a trick.


However, because the price is too high, salespeople run into trouble. You have to play a little buggy trick. At present, there are two kinds of health care products on the market called "love Shu Li liquid" at a price of 98.60 yuan / box. And similar brand "Mrs. Oral" only 38 yuan / box. How to sell? I think many salespeople have faced such headache problems. When training sales managers at the production group, my approach is to find the difference between the two products and then "split the quotes." For example, the customer asks: "Why is it so expensive?" Sales Manager: You ask well. As the saying goes, "a price for a share of goods." You see, beauty products are all herbal preparations, but some herbs. And this product is a biological agent. Deer fetus, black-bone chicken, female silkworm moth, etc., are expensive raw materials. Of course, eating grass and eating meat is not the same. Besides (split fine), you drink other products, a course of treatment to 6 boxes, nearly 230 yuan. The caring product 2 boxes a course of treatment, only less than 200 yuan. You are still a bargain! "


After such a call for customers to calculate the account. Is it two beautiful all right?


(E) push the number


For a product, the price is usually dead. However, the number of suppliers is alive. Customer purchases are also live.


The key to why some people have been in a sluggish performance is that he will not sell the quantity so that customers "buy more." The trick is to sell quantity: "reported a large number of newspapers." Dazhao newspaper, is a large package, the package, a period of use, a newspaper reported to the library units. Do not say, "How many boxes do you want?" Or "How many boxes do you want to buy?" To say: "This is a 5-box health care crystal that you see is a course of treatment or two Treatment? "In this way," one "with" five "to" two "with" ten ", the performance is not bad.


If your product has 100 kilos and 200 kilos of packaging. Newspaper specifications, it is necessary to seize the customer always want to "try something less" psychology, so that customers feel you told him the smallest package. In order not to "cheat" customers, I often use the word "general" subtly. Such as:


Customer: "What are the specifications of products?"


A: "Our customers usually want a 200-kg bucket, and you may want to give it a try."


- I call this method "false report."


Explain that persuading customers with the behavior of other customers persuades 70% of my sales efforts. If the client decides to try something less, I say: "We have a minimum of three barrels for a delivery, do you think you're going to be a delivery or two?


- I call this way "out of the library".


If you want to ship overseas, I said: "5 tons of containers are not good hair, 10 tons of containers go faster." This is to tell customers to buy at least 10 tons.


- I call this a "limit quota."


In short, mastering "pushing" the amount of skills is to improve the performance of salesman the most important means.