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Market entry strategies and marketing strategies in fundraising

Le 18 mars 2018, 06:23 dans Humeurs 0

The marketing plan in the fundraising newsletter may actually include two different levels of content: Go-to-market Strategy and Marketing Strategy. The former mainly talks about which strategies to use to make the market accept less innovative products and the latter focuses on which strategies can be used to obtain the maximum product promotion effect with the lowest cost. Different investors focus on different aspects. For example, Guy Kawasaki talks about the Go-to-marketing plan, and Dave McClure talks about the marketing plan.




We must understand the difference between these two levels and know that we are talking about entering a market strategy or a marketing strategy before we can talk about marketing planning professionally. We can look at one's own stage and the nature of the product, or both.


Enter the market strategy

The strategy of entering the market is more targeted at innovative products. Since the user needs and market acceptance of innovative products are in an uncertain state, the marketing and sales process must be specifically formulated for the characteristics of products and users. In addition, the market must be very specific and the scope should not be extensive. The purpose is to allow early adopters to enjoy the product as soon as possible and continue to spread the product's popularity.




The strategy of entering the market contains three key elements: what products to sell, who to sell, and how to sell. These three key elements are not a big problem for mature products in general, because the product features, which groups are used, and which channels are the best for selling these products are already relatively mature ecosystems. However, innovative products must start from a specific ethnic group, allowing users of this group to know and try out products first. The company continues to optimize its products so that early adopters can increase their recognition and dependence. After the start-up company caught the appetite of this ethnic group, it then expanded outwards to enter other ethnic groups.




The three key elements (what to sell, sell to, and how to sell) need to be implemented through a set of processes:


Defining the product's value proposition

Lock the main customer base

Evaluate suitable pathways

In the promotion of products suitable for access

The newly created product itself cannot speak. It is necessary to present the product's value proposition through various copy and description. The customer has basic knowledge and curiosity before they are willing to contact the new product. Different customer groups are also touched by different channels. For example, professionals are easily exposed on LinkedIn, and Facebook is more difficult to catch. But if you want to get a group of people who love to play mobile games, Facebook is more suitable than LinkedIn. This is what the above four-step process means.




Take Nestle capsule coffee as an example. When Nestlé launched its capsule coffee machine, most coffee consumers were unfamiliar with this way of brewing coffee, and they were not sure how to taste, and the price was not low from the beginning, Nestlé. The use of traditional marketing methods, including a large number of advertisements and the development of restaurants, has been very poor. Nestlé chief executive Paul Gaillard began to reposition capsule coffee makers into compact and light coffee makers, making brewing coffee easier and easier. This product positioning also affects the customer base. Nestlé originally locked restaurant and office users, but the small and light value is more suitable for middle-class family consumption. After the customer group is transferred, the access must also be modified. Originally, the company and the restaurant were contacted through mass media advertising. Instead, the business team directly promoted to individual consumers. A large number of customer service personnel will continue to remind consumers to buy coffee capsules and use their own capsule coffee distribution system to serve consumers. This strategy succeeded, and the performance of capsule coffee machines has grown significantly.




After the growth of the capsule coffee machine business, Nestlé began to adjust its marketing strategy. They upgraded their customers from the middle class to high-end customers. The value proposition shifted from a small and light coffee machine to a stylish coffee machine, and the client community spread from middle-class families to high-end families. The access strategy has also been adjusted to the establishment of direct-operated stores and public relations activities. Nestlé has set up a prestigious capsule coffee outlet at Madison Avenue in New York and Champs Elysées in Paris. It has dedicated customers to taste fine coffee and actively invites Hollywood. Stars speak contemporary. Nestle's trademark and machine design have also been adjusted to meet the tastes of high-end customers.


Marketing Tools Used at Your Workplace

Le 18 mars 2018, 06:19 dans Humeurs 0

A WordPress website without marketing tools will always be like a warrior without weapons... You are ready to rock, but you missed the essentials.


This is why after you start your website, you need to find a way to display it on the web. how about it? Patience with the right marketing tools:


1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics


only! It brings you many insights about people visiting your site and their specific behavior. With this tool, you will be able to track viewers' actions on the site and read their ideas (?). What I mean is to predict their behavior in some way.


To find out more specifically what you can find through Google Analytics... and everything. In short, statistics! For example, the total number of users in a specific time period, page views, sessions and pages per session, bounce rate, session duration, most popular posts/pages, number of conversions, etc. Know that your staff is a gold mine because it will bring you closer to your goals.


Analysis Overview

Google Analytics is a free tool that integrates with your WordPress website using Google's simple embed code.


2. SendinBlue



In order to record, email is still useful in marketing. Email is one of the most effective marketing strategies to get people back to your website.


And SendinBlue? It has a friendly and easy-to-use dashboard where you can carefully save all email drafts and user lists.


You can also use it to send your marketing emails, transaction emails, even mobile messages.


Once you send an email, you will get detailed reports and statistics, so you can see what is valid and what is not immediately. Open prices, clickthrough rates, user engagement data... all are there.



SendinBlue is a paid tool, but it also has a free plan (up to 300 emails per day = 9,000 emails per month and no reports). I think this is a reasonable proposal for you to start. The paid plan starts at $7.37/month and 40,000 emails (no daily limit + report).


3. Yoast's WordPress Search Engine Optimization



Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress plugin. When it comes to search engine optimization, it is completely free. In fact, it is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins ever.


It provides three important settings for each of your posts and pages: title, meta description, and meta keywords.


Yoast seo

Not only can you write custom text and keywords, but the plugin can also let you know how strong the optimization is.


Under the hood, it is also responsible for some optimizations and does not require your help.


4. Revitalize the Old Post

Resume old posts


By automatically publishing your articles to social media, this free tool will save you a lot of time.


Don't let your post live only for a short time and then be forgotten. The Revive Old Post can be set to automatically share at regular intervals.


Restore old publishing settings

You can set a lot about the content of the stock: the time interval between stocks, how many positions employees should share, how many posts should be shared each day, and how many times each employee should share, when the format of the article should be published, and so on.


The free version of the plugin can share your content to Twitter and Facebook. To get extra exposure - LinkedIn, Tumblr and Xing - you need a professional version.

Marketing Tools Every Small Business Owner Should Try

Le 18 mars 2018, 06:08 dans Humeurs 0

We use a lot of tools at Bplans to help us with marketing.


We also spend a lot of time trying out new marketing tools and services, trying to find the right tools for our team.


I have to admit that we are also a little frugal. We are very careful to use the marketing tools we use and make sure that each tool achieves its true purpose at a reasonable price.


The following is a list of marketing tools we actually use and recommend. We have practical experience with these tools and are happy to recommend it to other entrepreneurs.


If you think we should try something, please let us know in the comments.


Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

icon-mailchimp-mobileMailChimp: I never hesitate to recommend MailChimp to anyone who needs to send an email newsletter. The interface is very good, ready-made templates look professional and you can start for free.


And, as you grow, MailChimp has more sophisticated features that can help you automate marketing without the complexity of other similar systems. Fair prices, e-mail technical support is very good.




CdxLMoHHHubSpot: If you need more advanced marketing automation (and you have a bigger budget), HubSpot solutions are worth investigating. HubSpot is not just email marketing, but you don't have to use all the features to get real value from the system.


HubSpot can help you complete the landing page, blogging and email marketing. It also has good CRM in the entire system.


See also: Best Business Tools for Startups

Traffic and participation

B2MmggliSumoMe: It is difficult to classify SumoMe because they provide so much. SumoMe's core content is a comprehensive set of tools and options that help you collect e-mail addresses from site visitors. However, in addition to collecting emails, SumoMe can help you understand how people use your web pages using heat maps and content interaction metrics.


You can also use their tools to add social sharing to your web pages. In addition, all of these are free to start, and $100 a month. Other services only charge a few thousand dollars per month, which is only a fraction of the functionality provided by SumoMe.



photoGoogle Keyword Planner: It's hard not to mention this free tool, it's part of Google's Adwords toolset. Although it is designed to help you build a paid campaign, Keyword Planner is an invaluable marketing tool that can help you determine the level of traffic for different search terms.


If you want to figure out what search terms you should aim for, and how your audience looks for things, then this is the place to start.




roger_and_logo_mozFresh Web Explorer: If you want to track how your company and your competitors are mentioned online, start with MOZ's Fresh Web Explorer. This is a good way to monitor where your company is getting new inbound links. You can also track your competitors and find out where their links come from.


In addition to search engine optimization, fresh Web Explorer is a good research tool for any digital marketer. In fact, we like it more than Google Alerts because it will tell you more about mentioning and linking to your website.


MOZ: MOZ has always been our preferred tool for managing search marketing, especially search engine optimization. From member-only forums to the actual tools themselves, the MOZ toolbox is a great choice for beginners and experts.


Conversion optimization and landing page

Unbounce-Icon-256X256UnBounce: If you want to create a login page without working with a web designer or engineer, start with UnBounce. They have an excellent template library that you can customize to meet your needs.


In addition to templates, UnBounce will also help you perform A/B tests on different design and marketing copies so that you can fine-tune your landing page and optimize conversion rates.




imgresVisual Website Optimizer: If you need affordable but full-featured A/B testing tools, start with the Visual Website Optimizer. Our previous choice was Optimizely, but for SMEs they have become very expensive.


You can get all the features you need through the Visual Website Optimizer without having to pay a high price.




convertConvert: Our other option for A/B testing is Convert. They provide a large number of features and support agencies that occasionally provide A/B testing services to their customers.


If you just want to love your toes in the test waters without spending a fortune, there is also a "self-service" plan for small sites.

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